I’ve recently discovered Ethereum - more than a cryptocurrency, it is a general-purpose Turing-complete blockchain-based platform for hosting decentralized applications. I had been waiting for something like Ethereum for more than two years, after I realized that the potential of Bitcoin was limited by its inherent weaknesses in term of mining, centralization and incentive structure.

I had promised myself to seize the next blockchain-based opportunity, and I feel that Ethereum could be it.

But its complexity makes it difficult to grasp, so after quite a bit a research I decided to make a video of what I found to help me understand and price Ethereum.

Video outline

  • [0:00] Introduction: the various cryptocurrencies
  • [1:30] Ethereum prices of the last month
  • [4:30] Market Cap
  • [8:20] Ethereum mining hypothesis
  • [10:40] Total Ether supply
  • [11:40] Block difficulty
  • [12:40] Refutation of hypothesis
  • [14:30] An interesting contract…
  • [16:30] Inside story
  • [18:00] A convincing prediction
  • [19:00] Summary
  • [22:10] Further prediction
  • [24:00] Speculation and analysis; comparision with Bitcoin
  • [27:50] Conclusion
  • [29:00] Notes about the potential of Ethereum
  • [30:00] Personal strategy