Since my last article on Ethereum, I have diven deep into the platform: I read extensively on the topic and watched countless videos to help me understand the technicalities of the blockchain; this drive translated into the urge to record YouTube videos and to start a channel dedicated to Ethereum and blockchain technologies. Today, I release a video aimed at potential investors in Ethereum (and the ecosystem around it) – people who are programmers, enthusiasts, newcomers or venture capitalists. My goal is to make Ethereum accessible to more people, and to help them understand the platform better – especially since so many questions are coming up again and again on reddit and the forums (the issuance model, the applications, smart contracts, DAPPS, Proof of Stake, Regulations, etc.).

Find the slides of this presentation here.

Next week, I will release a video purely focused on investment: what are the risks and opportunities, how to think about Ethereum and what factors are most important to make good investing decisions. I will also talk specifically about the projects and startups that are flourishing in the Ethereum ecosystem.