I have long had an interest in writting, especially on conceptual topics - this blog is my attempt at delivering value on the topics I know the best, as well as to learn more about topics I am less familiar with.

It’s quite natural for me to write most of the posts in English, since it’s the language that will certainly create the most value for most people; I expect to write some articles in French, and maybe a few in German if the opportunity arises.


I will be using mathjax for formatting LaTeX, here’s a test:

This looks pretty good!

Let’s try now to highlight some assembly code:

 1 bits 32
 3 exec:
 4     xor eax, eax
 5     xor ebx, ebx
 6     xor ecx, ecx
 7     xor edx, edx
 9     mov al, 11
11     ...
13     int 0x80
15     mov al, 1
16     xor ebx, ebx
17     int 0x80

Looking forward

I set myself the goal to write a blog post every week for the next few months, either on a book I am reading, or on the various topics I’m interested in.

I am looking forward to writting some more posts and I hope my readers will like it!